9 Must-do Online Marketing For Your Business

How online marketing for business, can translate to sales and success? When marketing and promoting your business, it’s hard to ignore online marketing especially when everyone today is reachable via online channels like Facebook and Instagram. But how effective is online marketing for your business?

9 Must-do Online Marketing for Business

There are already thousands of success stories about online marketing for business you can find via Youtube and Slideshare, where you can use some of the techniques to improve your marketing. In this article, we will be discussing 9 proven online marketing for business tips and techniques you can use today to start marketing your business.

Online Marketing For Business

  1. Web Design Matters!
    Your website is not just a page for people to learn about your company profile – a website is an online asset you can make use to generate business leads or create sales. When designing your website, be sure it is designed with your end-user in mind – those who might potentially be your customers – so when they visited your website, It will resonate with them and they will have an idea of what you do and wanting to buy your product or get in touch with you to discuss potential business.
  2. Optimise for Search Engine
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no joke – over 90% of all Internet users are using search engine to find answers – be it for business (product, review, vendor, supplier, buyer, price comparison) or personal (movies, food, hotels). If you are not taking advantage of Search Engine, your are losing out on organic traffic that could translate to new sales. To take advantage of SEO, you will need to makesure your on-page SEO are optimised and start working on backlinks.
  3. Get on Social Media
    We have to admit that social media is here to stay. We have seen many businesses small and large, running successful campaigns on Social Media for different goals – you can run a campaign for awareness or even a campaign to boost sales via Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. Its not about being on social media because everybody else does, but because why not – especially when more than 50% of the people around you (your potential customers) are using social media on a daily basis, sometimes every hour!
  4. Location
    Get on the map! Google and Facebook, the two biggest internet platforms allow you to place your business address on their platforms. By doing so, you get better feature with large map on the side of search engine results page or your Facebook page; and it will be easier for your customers to direct to your address.Location - Internet Marketing for Business - Mintsprout
  5. Use Email Marketing
    Many large businesses rely on email marketing to reach to their audience (email subscriber) every month or week, to deliver new content, promotion or sales offer. You don’t need tens of thousands of email list to start on email marketing – just your existing customer based is enough to start email marketing that could potentially leads to repeat sales.
  6. Lead Generation
    Lead generation is an online marketing technique that is only will help you get new business lead – but also help you automate the process while your website is working to convince new customers. Lead generation will require a landing page, offer, online form and email. Download our 30 Lead Generation ebook to lear more.
  7. Write a Blog
    A blog is just a place where you write and publish articles – but a business blog that are written with end-user in mind, will work its charm to benefit from SEO as well as help generate leads if it is linked to your lead generation campaign above. Start writing blog posts that resonates with your target audience, so when they find your article from search results – it would lead them to making sales decision or becoming your new business lead.
  8. Organise Contest & Giveaway
    One of the most common online marketing activity you can do to help your business, is to launch an online contest or an online free-giveaway. You can start by giving away a free ebook or free samples and start getting your potential customers information so you could reach to them when following up with promotion or sales offer.
  9. Paid Promotion / Digital Advertising
    Although it sounds like you have to pay a lot of money or a paid promotion – its actually not. Facebook & Google allow you to market your product and businesses from as low as $10! Many businesses small and large are taking this advantage to help them market their business and reach out to wider audience to generate more sales. 

Effective Online Marketing for business requires taking action

Effective online marketing for business works for business of all sizes: large and small, and will continue to be so for as long the Internet is around. Online marketing is not just for ebook or marketplace sellers on Amazon or eBay. Companies like Alibaba, Lazada and many others are relying on online marketing to stay ahead of the game. Start working on your next online marketing project for your business and see the difference it makes.


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