What Is Digital Marketing? [Infographic]

I only write this post to remind myself on Digital Marketing and for my new blog reader to understand what the buzz is all about.

Through the years, we’ve seen Google, Twitter and Facebook get stronger with hundreds of companies start spending on the web every single day, as part of their marketing effort.

What and why?

Web Definition: Digital Marketing is the promoting of brands using all forms of digital advertising.

Digital Advertising includes the use of email, search engine, social media, display banners on websites/blogs and many others, to deliver promotional marketing messages to existing and potential customers. These form of advertising only appear on the web via digital electronic devices such as computer, tablet and mobile, when you are connected to the Internet, thus the word ‘digital’ (TV & Radio Commercial, Billboard, Newspaper and Magazine are known as traditional advertising).

Digital Marketing, simply put, is marketing effort that make use of these devices through various digital advertising channel described above.

Why hype about Digital Marketing?

If you are marketing your product and business on Magazine and Television, chances are you will get people talk about your brand or product and your sales may increase in the promotional period, however you may find it hard to measure the number of people who actually saw your commercial/advertisement and go to your store/outlet or make a call to make a purchase/booking in order to measure which channel/campaign/promotion is the best for the investment you made. You may find it hard to measure the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

With Digital Marketing, almost every action and element can be tracked and measured so you will know exactly how effective your campaign is. Its easier to find out which channel drives more traffic, which copy brings more leads/contacts, which headline attract more clicks, which channel convert more sales.

Infographic below provides overview of Digital Marketing [Infographic source:]

Digital Marketing Infographic

Digital Marketing Infographic



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