How To Get Started With Digital Marketing [Beginner’s Guide] – Part 1

Digital Marketing is mostly about getting traffic to your website or campaign landing page, and most importantly about conversion. By getting as many relevant and targeted traffic to your website, chances are you will get more email sign-ups, phone calls, store visits, purchase, booking and many other ‘action’ identified as your ‘goal’ of the campaign. One simple action leads to goal is called ‘conversion’.

Conversion - Basic Guide

Conversion – Basic Guide

It is important to have goal for your campaign otherwise your campaign will just be an awareness, and by having goal will help you measure the performance and identify which element helps convert higher or bring more sales. Before we dive deep into the water, lets start with the basic.

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Why should I start Digital Marketing campaign?

If you own a store, or about to open one, you will most likely prefer a great location with high number of crowd in the area so you are exposed to many potential customers every day. However once the store it set, you cant simply relocate since it is not mobile, and you are limited to crowd in that area. To reach a new crowd in different area, you will have to use some form of advertising such as flyers and banners.

Total Minutes Spent On Mobile And PC


Different with the web, there are billions of active users i.e. potential customers on the Internet with over 3 billion searches made on Google every day. By having presence on the Internet, the whole world is your market and everyone on the Internet is your crowd.

Digital Marketing allows you to measure every effort and strategy applied so you can easily identify which is the most effective, and to continue enhance the performance to bring in more sales while at the same time reduce the cost.

When should I start with Digital Marketing?

  1. When you need to reach more target audience
  2. When you want to sell products or services at a larger scale
  3. When you need to expand your market but remain at your local base
  4. Yesterday!

What do I need to get started with Digital Marketing?

Before you can start with Digital Marketing, you will need the following as listed, for effective and measurable Digital Marketing activities. You may need at least one, or all of them. (Of course, by all means you can start a campaign without the below and let your audience see only visual with phone number or store address to contact you, but with the below, your audience will get a chance to click on your ads and follow steps/flow decide by you – whether to lead them to contact form, liking Facebook page, visit website, leave handphone number or email and etc.)

A. Website/Blog

By having a website, you are set to be found on the Internet. With website, your potential customers will be able to find you and learn about your business, review your product, find your contact information or make a purchase (if you have an online store function i.e. eCommerce) directly from your website.

B. Facebook page for your business

Similar to website, Facebook page also offer businesses good platform to set presence on the Internet, and it has extra features we called ‘social’. With social features, it is easier you reach large number of audience with a small number of activities. (You can integrate social features on your website & blog too, to maximise your marketing reach).

C. Email/Newsletter

Email is a communication tool between you and your customers. By having an email account, you will be able to communicate with your customers and send ongoing promotional information to generate more sales, without waiting for them to visit your website or Facebook page. There are certainly better email tools than your personal email, that allows you to send beautiful email and to send to large number of audience, we call this Newsletter. It can be a software that you download to your computer/server or a hosted service that you subscribed too, with a small fee every month.

When you have any or all of the above, it is best to understand the following, to plan what’s best for your business;

What are the type of Digital Marketing?

There are a few type of Digital Marketing and each of them are very powerful to reach more audience and attract more potential customers to your business. They are;

  1. Search Engine Marketing/Advertising (SEM – Paid)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Display Advertising (Paid)
  4. Email Marketing (Paid)
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM – Paid)
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Content Marketing

Every type above has its own strength – SEO and SEM are targeting audience on the same channel (Search Engine). While SEM is paid option to get listed on Search Engine, SEO is focusing at optimizing your content/page to make it stand out and get highest rank so it will be listed at the top when people search using specific keywords.

Display Advertising is type of marketing that will display your advertisement banner on relevant websites, blogs, forums etc.

Email Marketing is type of marketing used by many marketers and companies – It allows you to deliver messages and promotions directly to your audience inbox, reach straight to your target audience who are mostly already interested with your business.

Social Media Marketing and Managements is type of marketing that will reach your audience via social network such as Facebook and Twitter. The best thing about this type of marketing is that it allows you to engage with your audience by many social activities (commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting). Social activities allows every action to be seen by not only your audience, but also the extended network of your audience – it multiplies the number of audience reach, very easily.


By now, you may already have an idea on which type of Digital Marketing will be the best for your business or which type that you want to go for. Depending on your target and budget, you may go with only one type of marketing, or go with all and monitor which type is most effective for your business.

On the next part of this series of articles, you will be presented with step-by-step guide on how to plan and start your own Digital Marketing campaign.

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